Burbank Location: 

Inside the Elysium Healing Arts and Wellness Center

2907 Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 441-9377

Our Burbank location is at the corner of Olive Ave & Catalina St. 
Near Burbank Studios, NBC Studios and Disney Studios
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Massage not only relaxes the body and relieves physical stress, massage is also known as therapy for healing the mind and spirit.  Use massage as a vessel to harmonize balance in Mind Body Spirit.

Synergy ~ A Tranquil Touch Therapy's exclusive massage specialty, designed with an infusion of various massage modalities (listed below) tailored to fit the needs of the individual. We begin with herbal heating pack, which soothe and relaxed the muscles. While your muscles prepare for deep relaxation, your massage begins.  All while a specific blend of essential oils paint your surrounding, perfectly mixed to relieve stress.  Just when you thought it was over, we add the CeiAura Chips, to heighten and extend your sessions at least 3 days after your appointment. I personally recommend this treatment for everyone.

$100 (60 minute massage) | $130 (90 minute massage) 

Swedish ~  Light touch massage accompanied with long rhythmic strokes designed to relax muscles from stress, improves oxygen in blood flow, releases toxin from muscle and improves over-all circulation.  Recommended for individuals new to massage or individuals who cannot withstand heavy pressure.

$85 (60 minute massage) | $115 (90 minute massage)

Deep Tissue ~ Deep pressure intended to access the deeper muscles that may suffer from areas of pain that block circulation, limit movement and inflammation.  Symptoms may include: chronic pain, aids in injury recovery, repetitive strain injury, correct posture problems, arthritis pain and muscle tension.

$95 (60 minute massage) | $120 (90 minute massage)

Acupressure ~ Finger pressure applied to a specific meridian point which stimulates the meridian system, strengthens flow of energy (qi), rebalances yin/yang energy and removes blockage.

$95 (60 minute massage) | $120 (90 minute massage)

Shiatsu ~ A series of compression, stretching and pressure points (as in acupressure) which can calm overactive sympathetic nervous system, improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles and alleviate stress.

$95 (60 minute massage) | $120 (90 minute massage)

Pregnancy Massage ~ Recommended for mother’s in 2nd and 3rd trimester. Light touch massage accompanied with long rhythmic strokes designed to relax muscles from stress, improves oxygen in blood flow, releases toxin from muscle and improves over-all circulation. 

$85 (60 minute massage)

Advanced Muscle Reconditioning (AMR) ~ A vigorous massage using finger and thumb pressure that crosses muscle fibers, muscle over muscle and muscle over bone in a back and forth pattern.  AMR promotes release of muscle tension and can be compared to sports massage. Recommended for anyone in pain, especially for those who have suffered from old/recurring injury.

$125 (60 minute massage) | $200 (90 minute massage)

Reflexology ~ Activates pressure points in hands, feet, ears and face, focusing qi used to open corresponding points to organs, glands muscles and joints. Also promotes relaxation, alleviates stress, tension headaches, improve circulation, arthritis insomnia, hormonal imbalances, quick recovery from sports injuries and back pain relief. All topped off with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

$30 (30 minute massage) | $55 (60 minute massage) $20 for add on service

Aromatherapy ~ A blend of essential oils, used to aid psychological and physical well-being.

$20 add on services

Price List

-        Senergy ..........  $100 - 60 minute | $135 - 90 minute

Service Duration


 -          Swedish .......... $75 - 50 minute | $85 - 60 minute | $115 - 90 minute

Service Duration


 -          Deep Tissue .......... $95 - 60 minute | $120 - 90 minute

Service Duration


 -          Acupressure / Shiatsu .......... $ 95 - 60 minute | $120 - 90 minute

Service Duration


 -          Pregnancy Massage .......... $85 - 60 minute


-          Advanced Muscle Reconditioning (AMR) .......... $125 - 60 minute | $ 200 - 90 minute

Service Duration


-          Reflexology .......... $30 - 30 minute | $55 - 60 minute | $20 as an add-on, in store purchase only

Service Duration

          Aromatherapy ..........$20 add-on, instore purchase only



  • Corporate Massage (On-Site Massage)
  • Volunteer Events
  • Motivational Speaker (focus on stress relief)

*Prices are subject to change 


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